WSDL Abstract Type

I have created a Web Service Connector to a Microsoft CRM using the CRM’s WSDL. One of the CRM Services requires as a parameter which could be one of many different XML elements that extend an abstract type. The request element is defined as an Abstract type in the CRM’s WSDL.

When I try to pass parameters to this connector when using the “Run Flow Service” in Designer I can’t seem to specify what element I want to use. The argument is the Abstract type itself with no facility to define which element type I want to use.

Is there a way to make this work or do I have to post a custom XML document with the correct request elements defined in order to call the CRM service?

Abstract type is not directly supported in IS (7.1.x or 8.x). you have tweak the WSDL before creating the connector. locate the definition of the abstract type in the orginal wsdl and add the following two attributes

See the attached word document which I put together for my understanding when I came across and make it working in IS 7.1.2
Copy of Abstract XSD with Web Methods.doc (27 KB)