Wrong Search Result after hitting 'Back' button

X-Application Version: 3.1.3
Tamino Version : 3.1.1
Platform : Win2k
WebContainer : Tomcat 3.3
JDK Version : 1.3.1

I’ve tried two different generated application with one or two textfields. Let me simply describe the problem.

If I input a string on the textfield, it returns the results to me. Next, I hit the IE’s "Back button’ to go back to the search.jsp. If I input another string, it returns other set of results to me. It’s fine.

Then, I hit the IE’s “Back button” again to go back to the search.jsp, and when I don’t put anything on the textfield, it returns all the records to me. Good too.

Finally, I hit the IE’s “Back button”, and when I try to input the string1 or or string2, it still returns all the records to me.

To me, after putting nothing on the textfield and then send the query, the application seems to be not accept any string anymore, so it returns all the records no matter I put anything on the textfield.

I want to have the diagnosis information to see is it true that the application sends the wrong x-query to Tamino. How can I log the trace?

I see the following the command prompt on Tomcat
loading D:\tomcat-3.3\webapps\Telephone\xapplication.xml
loaded application configuration (7371 ms):
url = http://localhost/tamino/test
userId = null
password = null
coded = true
diagnosis = false
1. doctype/collection: Telephone -> Telephone

I have changed the web.xml and make diagnosis to true? But, how can I log see the request/communication between application, tomcat and Tamino to find out the problem. I can’t see any log file, except those on the tomcat/log directory. But, nothing is useful.



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we could reproduce this behavior on our machines. We are analyzing the problem and will inform you what the reason is for this strange behavior. If possible, we will post a fix to the community.

Thank you.



to use the diagnosis functionality you have to switch it on in the web.xml configuration file (as you did).

You can then use it after the execution of your pages like this:
It will then display an xml file with the diagnosis information of the visited pages.

I´m not sure if the query is shown in diagnosis view.
To check the query that is sent to Tamino you can use a simple http sniffer tool.

Regards, Harald


I had a talk with my colleague Thorsten and he proposed to install the fix he sent to the community. The fix was originally for another problem. However, after installing the fix I got rid of the problem with the search fields.

Could you install the fix on our machine and test it?

It should solve your problem. You find the fix under the topic

Error with directcomand for XApplication 313 with variable


It seems working!



this bug is fixed with X-Application 4.1.1