Writing into Tamino from a string/stream/variable


I am facing a new problem, which might turn up as a show stopper for me. My application receives the XML files from different places, thru a certain port or any listener concepts. And I want to write the received xml file into Tamino.

As I have mentioned, I will be having the XML file in a variable or object. Can any one tell me how to write it into the Tamino DB?

I went thru the entire methods, supported or supplied by Tamino. They have a method which writes the xml file into the DB. In my case creating a file in HDD, each time I receive a xml is not possible as it is an automatic system, and I cannot go for this kind of stuff.

Is there any specific method any where, which will put the variable to the database?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Anil,

You have a few choices

1) Construct an DOM document from your XML string
(using a parser), and use the Tamino
API’s “process” or “insert” methods to insert it into Tamino

2) Do a direct HTTP post (eg using the HTTPClient library) to Tamino using the _process command verb

3) Have a look at the new Tamino API - I believe it has a stream interface

Good luck,

Hi Puny,

I agree to you, with the first two choices. Where as I am not sure about the 3rd one youa re speaking about.

1. The ‘process’ and ‘insert’ methods gives a feature to load the XML. Where as I need to create a DOM object for the same. And the XML file size, what I will be reciving is really big, very massive.

2. This is a cool way to do.

3. I am confused. What ever API I have with me, or came by default with Tamino 2.3.4 installation does not contain any such API. And from your reply I understand that SAGA has or released a new set of API. Can you tell me how can get those?

?! Late reply!! : I’m attaining a training on ‘Tamino Usage and Administration’ at SAGA education located at W. DC.

If you can tell me more about the NEW API and the simplest way to create a DOM object out of the variable.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Anil,

this is for clarification: We are working on providing a new “Tamino API for Java”, which has in fact also a stream interface.

However this new API has not yet been released. It is currently available for Software AG staff only in an alpha version.

The first FCS will be available with the release of the next Tamino product version later this year.

Best regards,
Christian Gengenbach
Teamleader Tamino X-Tools DB-Interfaces
Software AG - Product Development

There was a jar file posted under the heading
“Tamino Client Browser”

There is a version of the DOM API in it which supports reading and writing to and from events and streams -

This isn’t a supported product though

As you know,TaminoClient.process(Element e)can also load a Element into Tamino DB?while how can i turn a xml file to Element?or how can i turn a string to a Element for insert it into Tamino DB!
thanks a lot!


You can use DOM classes to create a Document object from a xml file.
By example, with method from DOM class:
public Document readDocument(java.lang.Object source)

Once you have Document object, you can call method

public Element createElement(java.lang.String tagName) throws DOMException

To obtain the Element of this XML.

You can see this in DOM documentation.