write a file to windows share from wM IS on Linux


I am trying to use “writeToFile” to write a file on a remote server ( windows share \server.domain\file\path\filename). The issue seems to be with the separator convention change from Unix to windows.

I see the following error, when using the service.

“No such file or directory”

For example:

filename: \server.domain\file\path\filename

after execution of writeToFile service with above file name, i see the following.

filename:/server.domain/file/path/filename …no such file or directory.

Please see the change in the separators ( \ is changed to /).

OS version: RHEL 4
wM version: wM 7.1

Can you please let me know, if i am missing something / any alternate options which i can use to write the file to remote server ( windows).


to write to a windows share from Linux you will have to use “samba”. You can’t write directly to a samba share. The only way would be to mount the windows share on your Linux machine. Then you can use the local (Linux) directory-separators and not the Windows notation \…
To make use of samba you’ll have to implement a writeFile service by your own in java using, for example, the JCIFS library available in the internet.