Wrapping web services - Question

We have a customer that has an HTTP server on a mainframe IBM HTTP Server V5R3M0. They would like to wrap some web services using the natural rpc server, but the HTTP server they to use is an IBM HTTP server running on our Z/OS mainframe. I don’t know how this is set up as its quite a bit different from an HTTP server on a windows machine.

From what we could find out it is supported on IBM Websphere, but have no info on this, do you know if websphere run on zos or zlinux?, can we then do the wrapping on Windows and then port the wsdl and xmm files to mainframe with EntireX servlet deployed there ? .

Yes, Websphere runs on z/OS using Unix System Services (USS), and I understand it runs in z/Linux also.

The customer has to have a JVM running in their USS/Linux environment (which is likely to be there if they are using WebSphere already). You can generate the XMM and WSDL files and deploy them to the webapps directory, to be accessed by the EntireX XML Servlet running there.

I did this a few years ago on Websphere v4.0 with USS, so I presume things have improved a bit since then. One of the challenges at the time was simply figuring out which artifacts had to be deployed from Windows to USS as “bin” (no translation) and which had to be deployed as “txt” (translated from EBCDIC to ASCII): as near as I can recall, the configuration files were translated; other items such as html pages, xml, xsl were not.

At the time, the IBM HTTP server was essentially Apache HTTP server. I suspect it still is.