Workflow Server cfg

Hello All,
I have a project that I need to add user-intervention to… enter Workflow.

I am running WinXP, Workflow/IS (v6), database is on db2 on an as/400 OS v5.2.

The installion went fine, but the WorkFlow Config tool gives the following error when I am on the last screen (Broker, Database, Password Initialization) pressing next to add files to the db.

Does anyone know how to fix/handle this error?

[WKF.000.0009] Database properties have been set.
[WKF.000.0005] Updated all broker document types.
[WKF.000.0015] Running process BaseMappingsGenerator.
java.sql.SQLException: [wm-cjdbc32-0028][DB2 JDBC Driver]End of stream
was detected on a read.
at com.wm.dd.jdbc.base.BaseExceptions.createException(Unknown Source)
at com.wm.dd.jdbc.base.BaseExceptions.getException(Unknown Source)
at com.wm.dd.jdbc.db2.drda.DRDALoginRequest.submitRequest(Unknown
at Source)
at com.wm.dd.jdbc.base.BaseConnection.getNewImplConnection(Unknown
at Source)
at com.wm.dd.jdbc.base.BaseDriver.connect(Unknown Source)
at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(
at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(
at com.wm.zeus.pd.orm.jdbc.SQLConnectionFactory.getNewConnection
at com.wm.zeus.pd.orm.jdbc.JDBCConnectionFactory.getNewConnection
at com.wm.zeus.pd.orm.ConnectionFactory.getConnection
at com.wm.zeus.pd.orm.jdbc.gen.ORMSetGenerator.generate
at com.wm.zeus.pd.orm.jdbc.gen.base.BaseMappingsGenerator.main
ERROR: [wm-cjdbc32-0028][DB2 JDBC Driver]End of stream was detected on
a read.
[WKF.013.0001] Process terminated with exit code 1.
[WKF.000.0023] Database settings saved.
[WKF.010.0004] ERROR! Failed to initialize database. See log file for

Thanks a bunch for your help!

Jeff, what version of Workflow are you using ? (6.0.1. ?) According to the webMethods 6.0.1 Installation Guide, the only databases supported for Workflow 6.0.1. are: Oracle 8.1.7 and 9.0.1. (on any platform) and SQL Server 2000 (on any Windows platform).

However, I did notice in the webMethods 6.1 installation guide that support has been added for the following databases for Workflow 6.1.: DB2 UDB 8.1 (on Windows, Solaris 9, and AIX 5.1 platforms), DB2 UDB for AS/400 (on AS/400 V5R2)

What driver are you trying to use ? To access DB2 on our AS/400 with the webMethods JDBC (6.0.2.) adapter we are using the IBM JTOpen v3.3. drivers (jt400.jar). Here’s a link to a site where you can get more information on JTOpen and even download the drivers:

Let us know what version of Workflow you are using…



We have v6.0.2 for WorkFlow. (Sorry I left the mod out.)

I agree, regarding jt/400,, which we’ve used for our adapters, but when you run the Workflow Configuration Tool, you have 4 possible DB selections: 1. MSSQL2000, 2. Oracle8i, 3. Oracle9i, and 4. DB2. Once the DB is selected, the tool then auto-fills in a webMethods developed jdbc driver class & url.

When I’ve changed the JDBC driver to IBM’s driver, I’ve still received the error.

Did you use this tool to configure your Workflow?