Workflow Generation Error

Does anyone know what non-primitive outlets are? webMethods support does not know what they are. We are receiving an error about them when we try to generate our project. Below is part of the log generated.

Thu Dec 05 10:33:38 CST 2002 .encodeAwConversion:
Thu Dec 05 10:33:39 CST 2002 RTGEN: processing PDTYPE_CALENDAR
Thu Dec 05 10:33:39 CST 2002 +++ GENERATING Calendar “Standard”
Thu Dec 05 10:33:39 CST 2002 Can not generate code. See codegen.log
ViewSetContainerInformation.getDCIdForComp: the non-primitive outlets is not supported
failed to generate code for Task “ApproveRebate”

This error message is not quite as usefull as anyone would hope. A non primitive outlet in this context is a connection to the data controller within a workflow task that is not connected to the correct location. The data controller is the object that links the data in document fields to java swing objects or html tags like Jtextfields or html input tags. Usually this problem will occur if in the Designer tool the user has selected the document itself and not a field in the document. The method getDCiDForComp is expecting a primitive data type like string, integer, float etc to be linked to a UI element but instead it is linked to the document reference. If you select the data controller in the task object well and then inspect the property panel on the right hand side of the display you will probably find a target/source link that has the document selected instead of the field within the document.

Rob Tiberio
Director Workflow Technology