workflow configuration

Hi all,
I have one question ,during the workflow configuration,The central host name is the DNS name of my machine or the name of the workflow server i m trying to connect to.Also it asks for the database information like port number,hostname,oracle instance name if and only if the central host name is different from the host name on the options window of the webmethods workflow.why so? if i gave the host name same in both the windows it doesnot ask for any broker and database infor it just asks for host name port number and RMI port registry thats it and it sats DONE!.and when i try to open workflow it says Server may be inactive waiting to refresh README.TXT from :servername
Pls reply

hey guys i m still trying here and for ur info this is what i have entered in workflow configurator
JDK path: C:\webMethods6\jvm\win.sun13\bin
Central host name DBJENNER1.corp.***.com
Central host port 6000
Registry port 6001
Authentication Local

Broker Host name DBJENNER1.corp.***.com
Broker port number 6849
broker name Broker #1

Database Type Oracle 9i
JDBC Driver Class
URL for JDBC Driver sl53_cj31.jar
URL for database connection jdbc:oracle://:;SID=

can anybody tell me where will i find the oracle instance name…rest all the info is in [FONT=Arial]C:\oracle\ora92\network\ADMIN[/font] tnsnames.ora

but i cant find instance name

Also when i run the Client ,in the options->host name
I have put the name same as the central host name above and port number and RMI registry same as above.
When i run the client it says “Request Status” and it blinks and then it says “connected to DBJENNER1” and says authenticating and after that it gives me the following error

unexpected exception: connection to rmi://DBJENNER01:6001/com.wm.zeus.pd.authsrv.AuthenticationServer timed out

Pls Help me I have tried a lot and its not working!!!