WordProcessingML Schemas for Tamino

I have defined various schemas from WordProcessingML (Microsoft Word) Schemas for Tamino. The following error message occurs when
I trying to define the 10_wordnetaux_imp.tsd.
Can anyone please suggest me how to overcome this problem?

Hi Rogerio,

if you modify a schema in Tamino, the following steps are performed:
- parse and check the new schema
- compare new schema to old schema
if comparison detects structure changes which do not guarantee that all documents
stored so far in the affected doctype(s):
- if no instance validation is selected (see the little checkbox in your
screen snapshot) an error is reported
- if instance validation has been selected: validate each document already stored
in the affected doctype(s) vs. the new schema.
- If validation succeeds for all documents: _DEFINE will succeed
- otherwise; _DEFINE terminates with error

In your case, the comparison detects the addition of global elements, which may cause
validation problems with stored documents e.g. if the schema contains wildcards (xs:any)
with processContents=“strict” or “lax” (probably “lax”), which causes any element in the
document to be accepted if there is no corresponding global element declaration in the
schema, but will validate vs. the matching global element declaration, if existing.

The workaround in your scenario: select the check box “Define with instance validation”
and repeat action.

Best regards

Hi Uli,

It worked, thanks!