WmTNWeb not working

We have 3 different IS servers with TN - development, test, and production. We have the 3 TN databases on a shared MS SQL Server -wm6dev, wm6test, and wm6. On our production server, we’re able to see partners’ profiles via the TNWeb interface.

then, I moved the data from wm6 database to wm6Dev database, the data made it over. so we started adding more and more partners. but, the profiles are not viewable via the web interface on the dev server.

Anyone know what may cause this? Is there some setting on the development server’s TN that we need to enable profiles to be viewable.

Also, the transaction document details are not available on dev.


Please do make sure in the <is>\packages\WmTN\config\properties.cnf whether this line exists “tn.webmgr.60config=true”.If not add this line or change it from false to true and reload the WMTN,WMTNWeb TN related packages.

I am thinking that this above setting might not there in your dev environment.

This should work and you can access the WMTNWeb page from the TN Repo DB.


Also make sure in the TNConsole that all the PartnerProfiles/docTypes/ProcessingRules are in enabled state.

the 60config property IS set to true. I also made sure the profile was enabled, but still can’t see them from the WmTNWeb package…

anything else anyone can think of?


How did you move the data across?

I did NOT use the TN import/export from the console. and I now know that’s what I should have done. at the time, I just used the SQL Server database moving procedure. I think this caused the problem, but I’d like to know how to fix it up, because now our dev database has all of our partner information, so I want to get the dev server working, and then export it out to test and production.


That’s what I was afraid of.

Can you restore from a backup?

I’m not sure what you mean? restore TN from backup using import? or restore SQL server from backup? we actually have plans to wipe the SQL Server machine and re-install SQL Server entirely. could I do an export from our current dev TN, then re-build our entire SQL Server and use import to load it back up? could that fix the web viewings?

I meant restore the SQL server.

Ok… need to be careful here:

It sounded like all of the TN databases were on a common SQL server instance. I’d be careful about wiping the entire machine or database instance.

In any case doing a SQL server restore of corrupted data will not clean things up. It’s the data that’s the problem. If the TN-dev instance (the one you corrupted) can be wiped and replaced with the contents of one of the other good instances. (Assuming you don’t care about transaction history, persisted docs, etc.)

Do not do this unless you are willing to lose everything on the dev TN that is not contained in one of the other good instances:

  1. Run the TN drop scripts in $SERVERHOME\common\db\scriptsthe TN tables. Be careful! only the TN drop scripts. Double check in QueryAnalyzer that you are pointing at the intended database!

  2. Re-run the TN database creation scripts from the same location.

  3. Export from the good TN, then import to the (now brand new) dev TN.

Then raise your right hand and swear never to directly modify your TN database again. :sunglasses:

PS: If you can sucessfully export everything you care about from your dev TN and then import it successfully into another TN. (I’d try it a few items at a time). Then you can use the dev TN as the export source.

Good luck.

Are the profiles viewable on dev using TN Console?

“I moved the data from wm6 database”

What exactly did you move? Everything? Just a couple tables? Indexes too?

If prod is still “good” then you might try an export from prod and import to dev. That might fix things up.

I’d offer that you wipe the dev TN DB and start over. You’ll never be sure if you’ve nailed everything.

Make sure your TN DB instance is up and running.