Wmtndocview doesn%b4t delivers bizDoc content

Hi out there,

i have a wired problem with Trading Networks 6.0.1.

I am sending FlatFiles over an Gateway Service to the TN.

In Trading networks the Document arrives fine. But if i´m using the service wm.tn.doc:view with the webMethods Document ID to retrieve the BizDoc in IS, i get all Information except the content of the Bizdoc. A pipeline print shows me, that the content is null. Looking into the Tn console for the Document gives me the content!

What could be the problem?


I found my mistake. I forgot to set the getContent input varibale to true. :wink:

Dear All,
I am trying to pass XML data through routeXML service to retrieve Sender ID, Receiver ID, Doc type from Trading network. I found the B2B integrator is not recognizing the TN. So even when I try to test / Query the XML data directly in TN , I keep getting the following error
"Error loading sample document , Please make use that the correct encoding is set for this file or select a different sample document "

Can anybody help me out on this ASAP.

Thanks in advance

Can you upload your xml document which you are trying to test?so that we can help you.


Thanks RMG , I could able to solve . Problem was there is an unnecessary
extra tag in the xml data.