WmTestSuite probmlems

Hi experts.

I am learning WmTestSuite and have noticed a few issues, that I hope are issues and not the way I’ve installed things.

So my first issue is, I am unable to reference a service within a test case. The ‘Browse’ button is faded out. The only way I can get a service into the field is to copy the path of the service from an IS package in order to paste in there.

My second issue is that I can’t run any test cases directly from the test suite area, instead I have to find my test suite in the package explorer, and then right click > Run As > webMethods TestSuite.

Has anyone experienced this before, or know what my issue is?

Thank you for your time,


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This is usually the case if you have not connected to a server. You cannot browse services in disconnected mode. Please go the Designer Preferences and configure your test server there and make sure you connect to it.

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Why is WmPipelinecapture not included in the WmTestSuite ( as std release instead of gcs )?
Is WmPipelinecapture still a buggy one ?


I am using wM 10.3 server. how I connect wmTestSuite with server? under preference I cant see the server option where I can link my IS. how it will work in 10.3?


You can check the following documentation for details: