I am trying to extract names of parameters of a service using wm.server.xidl.adminui:testService.
It returns data in following format. How can one extract values from it? Does anyone have any other way to know service parameters.

It is for WM IS 4.6

[ >>>node_type=record, field_name=recs_VNFMrpXml, field_type=recref, field_dim=1, field_opt=false, rec_closed=false, rec_ref=GEP_IAW.Records.GenericWrapper:record_VNFMrpXml<<<>>>node_type=record, field_name=senderID, field_type=string, field_dim=0, field_opt=false<<<>>>node_type=record, field_name=receiverID, field_type=string, field_dim=0, field_opt=false<<<>>>node_type=record, field_name=documentID, field_type=string, field_dim=0, field_opt=false<<<>>>node_type=record, node_comment=, node_hints= >>>field_usereditable=false, field_largerEditor=false, field_password=false<<< , field_name=genLineNo, field_type=string, field_dim=0, field_opt=false, field_options=[0]true,[1]false<<< ]


You would like to get Name and value pairs from a record?. Can you explain more about your question.


I am trying to extract names of parameter for a service. The output returned by wm.server.xidl.adminui:testService appears in above format, when viewed thru developer. (Though, when viewed using browser, it appears neatly formatted with more details).