Can any one pls tell me the importance of the file

/WmSAP/ns/wm/sap/internal/ls/routingListener/node.ndf ?

if we have lost this file, what should we do?

Try copying from other working IS node.

Thanks Mahesh.
Yes, it did worked. But just wondering on the importance of this file.
Like, what is the purpose of this?

Hi Vekatesh,

please have a look at the SAP Adapter Install and Users Guide.
Refer to Chapter 9 “Routing Messages Through the SAP Adapter”.


It does contain the metadata of your interface/service details and it is equally important as flow.xml file.

Thanks Mahesh.
Are you saying that, if we lose the file and cant recover it, we will have issues with SAP related services?

At the moment I don’t have a sap setup to tell you the impact and consequences. I would suggest you not to edit/update the * files that is within the product packages.

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you can try to uninstall and then reinstall the SAP Adapter.
This should restore the missing files.

Remember to apply latest fixes and JCo API jars afterwards.