wmSamples 6.5

I’m searching for the wmSamples package for IS 6.5. I have downloaded the one for 7.1 but I get an error when enabling the package: “This package requires WmPublic package (Version 7.1) to load”.

I can’t find the 6.5 version anywhere… Does anyone have it?

Also, I am desperately searching for tutorials for webMethods Developer and I can’t believe that it’s so hard to find. I don’t want to assist to a webinar or travel to another country to assist to an expensive training…:eek: I’d just like to download a tutorial! Please, give me a wonderful link where I can find a wonderful tutorial.



Wonderful! Thanks reamon. I notice that it’s a document provided by a WebMethods customer. But it’s a good start. Does Software AG already published a tutorial for WebMethods (not the users guide)? I mean, a kind of step by step instructions to build services…

No, they do not provide a tutorial. All available documentation is at techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation.

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