WmRoot Package service usage

Hello All,

I would like to hear your advice for how to use WmRoot services

I need to write a code to get properties,dependent, references of flow service. I could not find public Java API in API reference guide.

Thanks in Advance


WmRoot is not intended to be used by us. You can do so but you have to figure out how to use them and SAG will not provide support if you run into any issues. And the services could go away at any time without notice. So you use at your own risk.

Thanks Reamon. I am going to call root service inside my java service. Is it good approach? Directly invoke root service is easy… Will it provide any issues?

What about the quality of service result? As SAG will not provide the support, can we trust the result for all time? Have you faced any issues while using this, if so can you please share with me?

My position on using Java services is that usually they are not needed. Just call the WmRoot services from your FLOW services.

You can trust the WmRoot services–many core functions of the product rely on them.

Hi Mohan,
Main idea behind not using WmRoot services is that,many core functions rely on that as Rob said. Also, whenever the product gets upgraded, the chances of removal or modification of services are possible.