WmRoot Package service usage

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I need to use the wm.server.util:remoteInvoke service of WmRoot package, but i am not getting any clue about using it.
Do we have any usage guide for this package? Any guidance would be highly appreciated.

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Abhishek Jain

If you are trying to Invoke a service on a remote webMethods Integration Server you can use pub.remote:invoke
this service is neatly documented in built-in services guide.

WmRoot services are webMethods internal services which does not have SAG support and it is also not the best practice using them until unless there is no workaround.

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As mentioned before WmRoot is internal only and should never be used, there is no support for it and no guarantee the services will remain as they are in the next release. There are official service for remote invoke in WmPublic ().

For a flexible architecture you should consider using either Soap or Rest services for inter IS communication or (if available) the messaging layer (Broker or Universal messaging) which gives best (and reliable) decoupling.