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Please help us with built-in-service with the corresponding input to create the below requirement.

we would like to know the wMroot Service where we can:

  1. Creating document using xsds : Our requirement is to pass the xsd from the local system through an UI page created using DSP and document should be created in the package provided by the user. Please suggest us whether only the package Name, Node Name and xsd alone enough to create the same or any other inputs needs to be passed. Please share us if there is any live example.

  2. Setting input and output to the newly created flow service: we would like to create a flow service with input/output document in the input/output tab by passing the document names from the UI. Please suggest where moving the “node.ndf” to the flow service will work or not. Kindly suggest if there is any other options to create this.

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As you know that WmRoot includes private API and there is no documentation about this package. You must explore the services at your own risk.

What is the real use of your requirements? Can you explain in detail?

As a hint I can suggest: start from this : wm.server.flowGen:generateFromXSDSource

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Yes i tried with the utility, actually the problem is with the input to be passed to those utilities some of the mandatory input docs are without the complete structure so am finding very difficult to pass the inputs. all those utility are throwing “Null Pointer Exceptions

Incuding the above requirement

Creating Consumer:

Requirement is to create the consumer (includes document and connectors) in runtime, client will send us with the “WSDL file” with that connector and document needs to be created in a package name specified.
tried with few “WS” utilities facing issue with passing input parameter.

Kindly share your suggestions and please do let me know if there any sample.

Creating Provider

As the above in runtime client will pass the “serviceName” with that wM needs to send the WSDL file for that service.

Please do let me know if any handbook available for this.

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