WmMonitor Upgrade

I am upgrading our WmMonitor to 6.1.5 in our production environment this weekend and I am also adding a Monitor_Fix_2 to the /updates directory at the same time. I am looking to minimize production downtime, was wondering if I could install the upgrade as well as the fix and do one restart as opposed to 2 individual restarts, saving me 10 minutes per server. My concern is that the WmMonitor package will load prior to the updates directory and the fix will not be applied properly to the WmMonitor.

Any suggestions?


Folks may have missed your post as it was in the New User Introductions forum.

The safer approach would be to install each upgrade / fix individually. However, you could check directly with WM Support to see if you could skip a restart. Even if they said “yes” I would do them individually, though to avoid unforeseen issues.