WmLogUtil Not working

Hi Experts,

We are having 2 production EAI webMethods 7.1.2 servers running in Cluster connected to one Broker server.
We are using WmLogUtil to log Broker Documents to ISCoreAudit for resubmission if required.

Everything was working fine until WmLogUtil stopped automatically.
When I tried to manually enable WmLogUtil service I got below error in logs:

[840]2014-11-19 00:10:57 NZDT [LGU.0900.0005I] Pushed dummy audit context onto stack
[839]2014-11-19 00:10:57 NZDT [LGU.0900.0004I] Retrieved audit runtime reference
[838]2014-11-19 00:10:57 NZDT [LGU.0900.0003I] Broker batch size retrieved: 10
[837]2014-11-19 00:10:57 NZDT [LGU.0900.0001I] Logging Utility started
[836]2014-11-19 00:10:41 NZDT [LGU.0001.0003C] Error creating broker admin client: null
[834]2014-11-19 00:10:41 NZDT [ISS.0099.0003E] Unable to create Broker Transport {SERVER IP}_LoggingUtility_AC. Exception com.wm.app.b2b.server.dispatcher.exceptions.TransportException: [ISS.0098.9014] BrokerException: Unknown Client ID (225-1480): Could not reconnect client. Client ‘{server ip}_LoggingUtility_AC’ does not exist.

It seems client LoggingUtility_AC is not getting created in Broker and as a result no data is flowing to DB.

It has been few days we tried to enable it but no luck. As a result, lacs of documents are waiting to be sent to DB.

We tried following options but nothing worked:

  1. Disabled WmLogUtil on one server and enabled it on another. Didn;t worked.
  2. Restarted both servers and started WmLogUtil on only one server. Didn’t worked.

I am not sure what we can do to make it working. It is urgent as production server queue is becoming huge now.

Could anyone of you please help me out with this issue.

Thanks in Advance for your response.


You get these errors if you are not able to connect to broker or if broker unavailable. See below:

Unable to create Broker Transport {0}. Exception {1}
The Integration Server failed to create the Broker transport for the Broker client because the client could not reconnect to the Broker. The Broker might be temporarily unavailable.

In the Broker Administrator, check the status of the Broker and the network connection.

Also see if this helps you in any way:


Hi Mahesh,

Thanks for your reply.
I got this sorted out.

The issue was that the Client “LoggingUtility_AC” for WmLogUtil that gets created at broker when IS connects to broker got deleted somehow.
This prevented IS to make a connection to Broker for wMLogUtil while other clients keep working fine.

Shutting down both the clustered servers after deleting Dispatch.cnf and setting broker to be not configured and starting one server first and then reconfigure the Broker Setting and again restarting did the job for us.
Second server with WmLogUtil disabled started and broker config done in that also.


Thanks for sharing the resolution…But the root cause (Client "LoggingUtility_AC got deleted is still open) :slight_smile:

Hi Mahesh,

Yes, we are still identifying how come "LoggingUtility_AC got deleted.
Need to know whether it got deleted automatically or someone from team manually did it by mistake.

Raised an incident to SAG for this to answer. Will update once i receive any response from them.