I have a wM 9.10 and in my database I have two tables with 110 Go and 80 Go (respectively WMSESSION and WMERROR).
Theses tables contains a lot of data, too many for our server.
Is it a way via IS to delete, truncate theses tables. Or can I do a delete statement in sql without break the software ?

Hi Vital.

I would prefer to use Monitor Built-in-Services. See Monitor Built-In-Services reference for further informaiton.


You will have to configure a second database schema for the Archiving component and initialize this via DCC.
Then you will have to modify two options in the OPERATIONS_PARAMETER table in the new schema to point to the live schema.
In the live schema grant the archive schema SELECT and DELETE rights for the tables to be archived/reduced.
In IS-Admin create an additional database pool for the archiving schema and assign it to the Archiving function.

See Monitor Users Guide for details.



IF your IS is not running, you can safely truncate those two tables, if you do not need their values.

You may also run a DELETE FROM ... WHERE AUDITTIMESTAMP < some_value (where the IS can remain active) but take care the database server does not choke processing the undo log.

As per Holger suggestion, if you decide to use the WmMonitor’s services, you have to have created the ARCHIVE database components beforehand.

In that case, you may also run the Archive’s stored procedures directly.

The advantage of this is the finer control over the information to be removed (or copied to an archival database, if you want), and the fact the operation is done in blocks, which reduces the load on the database server.

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