Hello World,

I instaled the WmEDIforTN package and copied the various jar files to the lib directories for my Itegration server. I also specified to activate the package and then I rebooted the server.

In the Administration screen, I noticed that the status of the WmEDiforTn indicated “Partial”. Will this affect the operation of my WmEDIforTN services? Why does the load of WmEDIforTN show Partial.

Thanks in advance.

IS all your Servers and EDI module versions are in sync?

If so try to reload the wmEDI and wmEDIforTN packages of same versions…



I just wanted to know, How you have installed the WmEDIforTN package? If its a .zip file and you have gone through the webMethods Administrative console, you might have got the log for it.

As far as my knowledge is concern, you must have got the log onto the Server. If it is showing “partial”. Some of the services from this package may not respond. And to know that which service is failed. You have to go through the log.

to reinstall and activate the package do the following ->

  1. Copy the package in the “inbound” folder
    1A. Go to the Administrative console,
  2. In left hand side frame in the cosole, click
    on packages
  3. click on Install/Activate
  4. Select the Package
  5. Check the check box for Activate at the time
    of installation
  6. Click on Install/Activate button


On the server-side machine, copy cryptix32.jar,cryptix32-pgp.jar, and editn.jar from ServerDirectory\packages\WmEDIforTN\config to ServerDirectory\lib\jars.

Hope this solves your problem


Hi jay,
If you are using webMethods 6.0, loading the EDI package through package managment and copying the jar files wouldnt install the package completly. You got to install it through webMethods Installer only.

Hari Nagumalla
Miracle Software Systems Inc.

My IS, Developer and WMEDIforTn are all version 4.6. I followed the instructions as laid out in the installation manual that comes with the package.

All other packages thatI have installed in the past have given me no problems.

Maybe my zip file was corrupted when I downloaded it, I will try getting another copy from the webmethods site and retry install.

Thanks for all your responses.

I have solved this problem in same Fashion,You are in right track