WmebXMLwmipebxmlMSHping service error

Not sure how many of you would have installed the ebXML module for Trading Networks, but I was hoping someone might have had some experience with it.
I have a fresh installation of IS4.6 & TN4.6 with the ebXML module installed, with My Enterprise & Partner profiles in TN Console setup.
Whenever I attempt a ping, I continually get the error:
java.lang.relfect.InvocationTargetException:com/wm/app/tn/mime/Mime (Bad index in constant pool 2.).
I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction to resolving this error as I really need to get communications working.
By the way I am able to get a Status of 200 (OK) running the WmPublic/pub/client:http service.
Any ideas please?

I havent done the ebXML module.
But the The InvocationTargetException occurs when the server cannot find a class file that is being referenced. Do you know whether you have the Mime class installed? Or is it installed correctly, or the variables are set properly?
Good Luck and someone will help you out more.

Thanks for your help VR.
Upon receiving the Service Failure Details, I select to “Go to failed Server”, which navigates to WmTN/wm/tn/mime:createMimeData. So without observing any service load failures or any other errors, I am assuming the mime class is installed and is loading ok. Whats the best way to be certain?
I believe I only need to set the basic ping service variables for the ping service to work.
Thanks again,