WmDeployer question

Hallo wM community,

I was wondering I there is a way in WmDeployer to use variable values when deploying a package from dev to test and prod.

One example: in one of our packages we use the smtp service to inform users in case of an error. In the dev and test environment the list of users to inform is different from the prod environment. Well of course there are several ways to solve this issue, one would be if there is a chance to have a variable, list or an array that can be populated with the different e-mail addresses. What ever hold the values should be manageable via deployer. So in the build from dev to test there would be a different list than in the build to the prod system.

Any way this can be achieved with deployer?


Hi Bernhard,

did you check if this configurable in the Maps inside the Deployer?

Certain informations are configurable this way, i.e.:

  • JDBC Adapter Connections
  • mostly all Adapter Connections based upon WmART 6.*
  • certain Administration Items like Ports etc.

For further Information please provide Details about your IS and Deployer Versions and installed Fixes, if any.



Deployer does have a concept of variable substitution where the user can
change some values for specific deployed objects between environments
(Dev, Test, Prod, etc.). For example, we allow users to change various
bits of information about Ports in IS or Adapter connections. However,
we currently do not support variable substitution for the SMTP service
in IS.

Mike & Jeremy
Enabling Technologies Group (ETG)