WMDB transaction type


we are using the WMDB in our webMethods architecture to connect to DB and update information.
Now we have moved to JDBC connection from WMDB. We are facing issues while committing the messages into DB because of having multiple local transaction in a single flow.

As it was working fine with WMDD data source connections, I want to know which transaction type we are using when we connect to DB using WMDB data source aliases.

Local_Transaction or XA_Transacation or No_Transaction.

Please clarify on this so that we will create JDBC adapters with the same connection type to avoid commit failures.



please check the “JDBC Adapter Install and Users Guide”, Appendix C for further informations.

Depending on how your database invocations are structured you will have either refactor your code or to use XA transactions instead of local transactions.


Hi Holger,

Thank you for you reply.

So if we use the XA transaction, there will be no issue with multiple commits?

Please confirm.