WmDB: SQLServer Socket Closed


I have this nagging problem w/ IS6.1 (Linux) connecting to SQLServer 2000 via WmDB. I consistently see errors we lose connection to DB w/ error:
“[Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC]Socket closed”

I can’t reproduce the event at will but processing large feeds (2h+ processing time) inevitably shows some error like this. I’ve thought of this problem a bit and I guess it could be caused by:

  1. WmDB or IS resetting connection
  2. MSSQL JDBC driver resetting connection (mssqlserver.jar)
  3. MSSQL DB resetting connection
  4. Network/Firewall resetting connection

Any ideas where to go next? Anyone else seen this (if not, I can forget option #1)?


My situation was not exactly like yours, but similar. I am running the SAP Business Connector (wM 4.7) on Win2K, also using SQLServer.

I was getting “Connection reset by peer: socket write error” errors. I got rid of them by upgrading the JDBC drivers to SP3.