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Hello all,
I have a cliente where I need to install the Sw AG Business Rules.
I’ve download the trial 10.5 to test the installation from here https://tech.forums.softwareag.com/pub/webmethods-integration-free-trial-download-thank-you.
However seems that this trial don’t have the trial licence for Business Rules, when I installed the Integration server the Business Rules package is not included.
Can you please help me understand where I can find the trial license or if I did something wrong?

Thank you

Hi Joana,
the Business Rules package needs to be installed additionally to the Integration server.
Please check the following node in the installer tree:
“Integration Server or Microservices Runtime Packages” > “Rules Engine 10.5”.


Hi Toni,
Thanks a lot for you response.
The package Rules Engine 10.5 don’t appear on the installer tree when using image trial. Do you know if it is not included?


Hi @jaraujo,

The Free Trial includes these products:

  1. Integration Server
  2. Universal Messaging
  3. SAP Adapter
  4. JDBC Adapter
  5. CloudStreams
  6. Trading Networks
  7. ActiveTransfer
  8. ActiveTransfer Agents
  9. Mashzone NextGen
  10. EDI/EDIINT modules
  11. Terracotta

Hope this helps!

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