WmAdmin,WmBrokerAdmin packages was not displayed

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      In the web Admin page under packages->Managerment-> WmAdmin,wmBrokerAdmin page was not displaying. i don't know the exact reason. where to check for this. kindly help. thanks.


Did you install them? did you deactivate them?

check if you can activate them using “Activate Inactive Packages” link inside “Packages > Managerment” page.



If you can find out the version of this server, that would help.

As we longer ship WmBrokerAdmin for 6.5 versions. This feature has been moved to my webMethods → messaging.

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hi Deepa, i know this is an old post but we’re doing a conversion from 65 to 80 and actually are using some services in the WmBrokerAdmin package, which is no longer there. how can we continue to use those services without the package??

If you invoke the services you’ll need the packages.

I have used those 6.5 packages in a 7.0 environment (export/import) but do not know if you would get a good result on 8.0 (or if it would be stable enough for a deployment in production!).

The MwMS interface is much better anyway.

Maybe, if the info you are retrieving from those packages is not very complex and you absolutely need to continue to use them, you could write a Java Service with the broker libraries instead?