WmAdmin, WmAdminResource, and WMModeler are not loaded


After I installed webMethods 6.01, I started the integration server. I have noticed that WmAdmin, WmAdminResource, and WMModeler packages were not showed in Developer. However, they are on c:\program files\webmethods6\IntegrationServer\Packages directory. What I understand is that those package are not loaded. What is wrong to prevent them from being loaded? What could I do to have Integration Server load them?


I believe wM Modeler component(BI,modeler package) is not bundled along with wM6.01, only workflow component defaults with it.

Pls try to contact your area wM Rep or wM support and get authorization for downloading Modeler component separately.


Probably, you have to install it to a directory that has no space between two words. Space between “Program File” directory causes some problem, I think.