wM9.5 select JDBC Adapter DateTime Stamp issue


I am facing the issue with the wM 9.5 select JDBC adapter issue when retrieving date filed from the oracle DB. Only date portion is coming where as when I execute the same service in 8 version, I am able to see the full date time stamp.

Please help me on this issue. Thanks in advance.


Can we know what is the JDBC Adapter fix levels on 8.x vs 9.x and also can you check if there is anything is missing the Adapter Service point of view?


What is the dataType you selected for that particular column in your adapter service… Screen shot please… of select tab…

Also check how the data is stored in db only date or dateTimeStamp…

make it date, or sql date and see…

if not make it String i.e., java.lang.String and check.