WM6.5 to WM8.2 migration

I need to work on migration project from V6.5 to 8.2.so,
please any one suggest me how to migrate IS,Developer ,Broker,TN,webservices and Adapters(jdbc,siebel,MQ).
1.In migration what are common issues will come and how to over come from it.
2.What are the steps do we need to follow migrating the code ,Clusters , teritories , TN profiles , webservices,Adapters.
3.What are the utilities we need to use in migration .Can you please suggest me how to use and is there any version controler in utility.

As the first step, pls go through the upgrade document…


Also use the search functionality in the forum there are some topics discussed on this already:


Hi Senthil,
Thanks for ur suggestion,but i didn’t find any information related to webservices and adapters and about the developer.

Hi rmg,
I didn’t find any information related to webservices , developer and adapters .Can you please give me suggestions how to start migration.This was my first project in migration.


The migration from wM 6.5x to 8.x isnt that path breaking. The wM suite has evolved a lot from 6.5x. The features that are available in wM 7.1.2 are mostly covered in higher wM versions with minimal changes.

If you have a typical integration environment involving IS,Broker, MWS , TN then you should not have much issues using the side-by-side approach for upgrade. IS clustering remains the pretty same in wM 8.x using tangosol coherance. Java & flow services are least impacted.

All your MWS settings for Broker territories & gateways can be exported for upgrade purposes.

The biz process models have undergone some changes which I am not pretty much clear about but you can surely use the export and import options for biz process projects and check their compatibility as some steps within processes have been overhauled in wM 8.x. In most cases they need a redesign as BPMN 2.0 support has come to processes in recent releases. This was absent in wM 6.5x.

If you have CAF then a deep testing into new 8.x environment is highly desirable. For any UI developed using Java, .NET consuming WS* that your EAI setup has exposed won’t much seek retrofitting but only good testing.

I do feel most features about of Centrasite are present in its higher version compatible with wM 8.x.

So a rule of thumb is to do a side-by-side upgrade to fix all issues in a staging environment and then move ahead with elan.

Good luck for your upgrade.

Well said comments, Sayed.


Developer you need fresh install for 8.x.x
Adapters - What adapters you currently use and some Adapters with 6.5(JDBC) / 7.1 (SAP,MQ etc…) version will work same on 8.2.x also and you can direct migrate the code after the install