WM XI Adapter vs SAP XI


We purcahsed SAP MDM as corp. master data management system, and in the meantime, netweaver XI was also purchased. Our EAI is mainly on webMethods broker and IS.

webMethods has SAP XI adapter, is there any major difference between netwearver XI and WM SAP XI? Does netweaver XI provide more functions, or easier approach over WM XI?


The wM XI Adapter interacts with SAP XI servers. It does not provide XI functionality per se, rather it interacts with it.

As an alternative to XI, you might want to consider the wM SAP Adapter, which interacts with SAP using BAPI, ALE, RFC, and IDocs.

Review the docs on Advantage for information about both of these adapters to help you make an informed decision.

Rob, thanks for your reply.

For SAP MDM integration, will wm SAP adapter give us the same level of visible integration as netweaver XI? Does SAP adapter work the same way as Siebel adapter, so that we can access business object and business component from adapter service?


I don’t know anything about XI so I do not know how it compares to the SAP adapter. As mentioned above, the SAP adapter uses BAPI, ALE, RFC and IDocs. Refer to the docs available on Advantage for more detail.