WM UI configurator issue


Im trying to generate tables for IS but I faced an issue from the Configurator UI (table or view doesnt exist)

after some digging, I found that the scrip runs need to find the “WEBMINDEX” tablespace, and if not the scripts created one, same for the “WEBMDATA” tablespace, so should I try to create those tablespaces manually or there’s some workaround we can apply
the DB user has all privilege

if you have any ideas please share them with me, thank you.

There is an option on the UI (unchecked and greyed out by default) to create the TS, if you have a database user with the right privileges.

Follow the instructions in the “webMethods Database Configuration” guide that you can find on the documentation site, for creating a TS.

Documentation - https://documentation.softwareag.com/


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Solved for me, I used a system user to create the tablespace instead of webmuser (regardless of that webmuser already has all privileges)

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