WM to Siebel Connectivity Issue

Hi Team,

We are facing PROD issue while WM IS 9.7 connecting to Siebel adapters.

Whenever siebel application get bounce due to unknown reason our WM Siebel adapter unable to start
In IS admin page --> Siebel adapter --> connections it’s show all connected adapter in restarting phase but when we disable and enable connections it throw below exceptions but this reoccuring issue so i am looking for permanent solution for same

Adapter Runtime: Facility 448 - SiebelAdapter removed

Adapter Runtime: Error Logged. See Error log for details. Error: [ADA.448.1000] SiebelJavaConnection.connectFromValues - dataBean.login(siebel.tcpip.none.none://ipaddress/siebprd/SSEObjMgr_wm//) threw a SiebelException: code(4102), msg(Could not open a session in 4 attempts. {1})
SCC ConnectionManager pool siebel connection name stopped
SCC ConnectionManager pool siebel connection name started
SiebelJavaConnection.initializeConnection() - enter
SiebelJavaConnection.connectFromValues() - enter
SiebelJavaConnection.connectFromValues() - ready to invoke login using (siebel.tcpip.none.none://ipaddress/siebprd/SSEObjMgr_wm// webmethod *** ENU)

How this Issue resolve we ask siebel team to bounce siebel apps still WM unable to make connection siebel apps via siebel adapter then we tried to bounce IS 9.7 issue got resolved

As this is reoccurring issue so i am looking for permanent solution for same.

Hi Raj,

what is the Version (incl. Fix-Level) of your Siebel-Adpater?

We had connections to Siebel-Systems a very long time ago, but they were implemented as WebServices.


Check this as a side note:

The valid Siebel syntax for the encoding parameter for the Siebel Server is ‘UTF8’ or ‘utf8’ and not ‘UTF-8’.

The server.sh or server.bat file needs to be modified to UTF8 or utf8 for the -Dfile.encoding parameter after JAVA_RUN in the “run integration server” section.

Hi Holger,

In our infrastructure as we… are implemented with web Service call to Siebel Apps

Find the fixes applied to Siebel Adapters in PROD Env are
Adapter version 6.0
Fixes are SBL_6.0_SP3_Fix13

Aside Mahesh,

In custom file i am able to see encoding Is it the same tag your referring i didn’t find -Dfile.encoding parameter after JAVA_RUN in server.sh
bash-4.2$ cat custom_wrapper.conf

Sorry Integration to Siebel flow is

User/Source team post xml via https post to WM Env and in WM Env it’s perform transformation logic and connect to Siebel apps via siebel adapter

Hey Rajiv
Was was the resolution to this issue? We are facing same problem after upgrading to wM 9.9. :frowning:


Hi Utpal,

please provide the version of Siebel Adapter with Fix-Level as well as the Fix-Level for IS-Core and ART of IS 9.9.

Make sure you have the latest Siebel Libs applied to Siebel Adapter.

Please check the Siebel Adapter Installation and Users Guide if anything in the configuration have been overseen dependent on your Siebel Version.

If possible you should consider switching to WebServices for both directions.


Hi Holger

Siebel adapter:

Product webMethods Integration Server
Updates None
Build Number 102

Server Environment
Java Version 1.8.0_51 (52.0)
Java VM Name Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM
Java Build Info 25.51-b03, mixed mode
Java Vendor Oracle Corporation
Java Home /esb/webMethods99/jvm/jvm/jre

All latest Siebel Libs applied to Siebel Adapter.

Siebel Server version:
Siebel Ver 7.8 and JDK ver 1.6.0+18