wm tn receive unable to invoke

Product webMethods Integration Server
Updates IS_9.5_SP1_Core_Fix5

Issue: Customer posted 3 POs at same time to invoking service “wm.tn:receive” using https post. Of these 3 POs, only the last PO was received and processed/submitted to MWS to trigger corresponding processing rule. The first two POs are not received and submitted to MWS. However, customer received 200 http response back for all 3 POs. Due to this, there is potential failure in receiving all Pos in to our environment.

Following are PO release time periods from Customer portal.

4516958476 10/5/2015 10:48:05 AM
4516958472 10/5/2015 10:48:05 AM
4516958485 10/5/2015 10:48:03 AM

Only following received on receiver (our) environment:

4516958476 10/5/2015 10:48:05 AM

Please advise.

Are these PO’s hitting your gateway IS URL (RI) first and then hits to Internal IS and also is the TN rule that processes the document is set to Asynchronous or synchronus call?

Is this the first time behaviour you are seeing with the specific TP or any TP posting to your tn:receive?

Any errors you have noticed in the logs during that time and do you have any QA to replicate this scenario?


Thanks for the response.

Its not for one TP. Its from a market place, posting POs to (wm.tn:receive -HTTPS) in batches. Although TN can process documents of any supported standard, it cannot properly process a mixture of documents in a single submission.

Please advise if we need to put a request to market place to throttle POs posts or can we able to handle on tn receive.

However, for the POs that are not received on our side, are still marked as successful sent on Market place, bcoz they received 200 status code.

we are using HTTPS protocol (https://softwareag:5555/invoke/wm.tn:receive), to receive POs, though the PO not submitted to TN MWS, the customer is receiving 200 response msg. At what point of time, tn receive send 200 response back. Is it recognize or certificate validation or what place ?

We dont have gateway IS, the IS is on DMZ and tn receive is exposed to be invoked with certificate validation.

TN processing rule set up as Asynchronous, to not to hold tn submit, waiting for response, if set synchronous.

Bharath – Did you check those po’s which are missing in your RI or IS logs ? First make sure till what level are those messages arriving ? Do you have LB as well in your environment ? Are you sending/receiving msg’s from these market place newly ? Share complete details to form a picture to help you further.


Nothing recorded on Logs. We dont have RI setup, just IS only only.No LB as well. No, the setup of receiving and sending messages from Market place was old setup, but this issue started seeing when Market place sending POs in batches.

Here are some additional info:


PO_Image.docx (188 KB)

Did you check your processing rule (sync or async) and also can you check with your network team as well (try to trace route) during the batch of PO’s being sent?

As a last please raise a incident with SAG for more troubleshooting assuming you are on the latest 9.7 core and TN fixes.


Please check the ACL for wm.tn:receive service.And also cross check the roles of the users submitting the POs