wm.tn.query not returning results

I am using a simple flow service which uses the system services: wm.tn.query:createProfileQuery & wm.tn.query:profileQuery. The output of the first service is the input to the next service which is expected to return me the details of the TN profiles. No matter what I give as input, I do not get any results. Is it possible that the query is not going to the correct database? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!

It work well for fetching data from TN database, make sure you are setting “disablepaging” property to true in wm.tn.query:profileQuery in service input… if this property is true it will show the output else it will only give you the enumerated id for result.

Before calling service wm.tn.query:profileQuery you need to set the query properly by using service wm.tn.query:createProfileQuery, say if you want to list down all the enabled profile from your TN database, set Status as enabled in createprofileQuery service call then pass the query to profileQuery service… you will get the desired result.

Hope it help!

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it worked!! Thanks for that… :slight_smile:

Thats kewl… cheers!