i am getting this error while starting TN
com.wm.app.tn.db.DatastoreException: Trading Networks could not retrieve data from your database. Go to the JDBC Pools page in the Integration Server Administrator and make sure your database URL, user name, and password are set correctly. Also make sure you created the Trading Networks database tables as described in the webMethods Installation Guide. (0) java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver (1) java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver

I tried so many ways…in JDBCPool…

Please hepl me
its a urgent one

Thanks in advance !!


As part of your troubleshooting did you contacted the DBA that TN connecting to?? If not drop all the TN related tables, and re-run the scripts and make sure the tables got created successfully,TNuser have given enough privileges.Finally create the JDBCPool for TN and test the instance…Reload the WmTN Package aswell or restart IS/TN and login to TNConsole to check how it works this time.