wM Thread dump analysis

Hi Guys,

Can you please explain, how to analyse wM thread dump…?

  • Is there any tool available for analysing? if so please share details…
  • How to co-relate/ identify which flow service causing the issue…(long running, dead lock…etc)?


You can download the java thread dump from IS admin console and from Google you can download TDA. There are TDA’s that are available on internet.

For eg., IBM Heap Analyzer

Let me know your progress!

Thanks Mahesh,
Based on thread dump, how to identify flow services or java service…? so that we can analyse which service is taking too long time to complete…etc??

Pls see the attachment.


Can you contact me on my email to discuss this further.

Analysed the dump and found the issue.
Thanks a lot Mahesh for your quick response… :smiley:


Hi Mahesh/Vishnu, can you please explain how to analyse the thread dump to identify flow services,etc.

Hi Mahesh/Vishnu,

Could you share the steps that were followed to narrow down on the issue or how to make use of the analysis.

Thanks. !

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