wm.server.services:serviceInfo and comments

I try to use wm.server.services:serviceInfo in order to retrieve its comments (text from the “Comments” tab)
but when I do the “comment” String output of serviceInfo is null (I use it on a service that has Comments saved)
Does anyone know if I do something wrong ?
Is there another way to retrieve the comments of a service ?

Thanks in advance for your answers, regards, brgr


I have checked same thing with serviceInfo service and comment is coming as null for those services which are having comments. I have also tried to add comments using serviceInfoSet service (for flow & java) but in that case also, no comments retrieved.

One more thing to add, In IS admin page we are supposed to get comment of service (defined in dsp page) in package details page but there also i am not able to see any comments.

So if you badly want to get the service level comment, then i think you need to read it from node.ndf file.


I have a written a java service class to get the node data which inculdes the comments also, check the service attached in this post.


Note: This service uses the class pub.doc.NSNodeHelper; which is already embeded in the package (GetNodeData\code\classes\pub\doc) if you intend to copy the service to another package or create one on your own, copy the class NSNodeHelper.class as-is in the path \pub\doc\

Let me know if you have any questions.

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The problem might be that, even if the result of a call to ‘serviceInfo’ is displayed as a document in Designer, it is really some Java object (not an IData) which Designer is capable to display. Hence you see the result in Designer, but mapping of a field does not work because it works only if the object is an IData.

You’ll probably have to write a java service to get the values returned by serviceInfo.