This WmRoot package service has an output called ‘node’ string.When i ran this service in developer with service name , it gives me ‘node’ document in the output not string. and it won’t allow me to use this document in pipeline to retreive the fileds out of it.

does anybody know, how can i use this service.

Thanks in advance,

What are you attempting to do with wm.server.ns:getNode? Please provide some context for this question.

Hi Mark,

I am trying to use this service to get metadata information about a wm service like service Type, package name and so on…


The object being returned is probably a com.wm.lang.ns.NSNode object.

To help you in your quest, you may find it useful to review the code available in a package named WmDoc. This package is a sample utility available on Advantage. In that package is a service named pub.doc.ui:getNodeData. It uses a class named pub.doc.NSNodeHelper, the source for which can be found in the WmDoc/code/source/pub/doc directory of the package.

I found it easier to read the node.ndf file myself, convert that XML to an IS document and extract the name/value pairs that I was interested in.