wM SAP 6.5v adapter compatability with SAP EM 7.0v

Hi All,

I have a question.

Currently in our production environment , we are wMSAP adapter 6.5V with which we are connecting SAP EM 5.0v.

Now SAP EM 5.0v will be technically upgraded to SAP EM 7.0v.
So I just want to know if I can connect to the upgraded SAP EM 7.0v with the existing wMSAP adapter 6.5v ?

Thank you

Can anybody help me ?

Hi Subhash,
Refer to the documentation from the below link.

When you say technically SAP is upgraded to SAP EM 7.0, what will be the version of JCO libraries? If it is SAP JCO 3.x, then your webMethods SAP Adapter might have to be upgraded to 7.1…