WM Root Package Services

Hi All,

I want to use few service of wmroot package. I am not able to see this packge on designer, however it is enabled, if I check Integration Server.

Can anyone please let me know how it will be available in designer. i am working on 9.12.


It’s not recommended to use WmRoot services.

There is a extended setting(WmRootEnabled) which needs to be set to “true” to view WmRoot related services.



See IS Administration Guide for further informations.


Ho Yogesh,

I know this is not recommended.

We need it to create a utility to use on temporary basis.

Thanks for letting me to know the property name.

Thanks Holger. Actual property is watt.server.ns.hideWmRoot.


To make your code future-proof, create your own set of utilities (in a custom package) to act as wrappers to WmRoot services (this way you can also set service signatures to the services which do not present any).

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Thanks Gerardo.