wM Remedy Adapter 6.0 - Any experience reports out there?


is anyone out there using the wM Remedy Adapter 6.0 and is willing to
share his experiences with us?

For the start here are my first experiences (most of them ended up as a
Feature Request for future versions):

  • Setting the Port is currently not possible in connection config screen
    Set the Environment Variable ARTCPPORT instead (not valuable in all

or use RPC-Mode for the connection which impacts performance on AR
Server Side -> Feature Request

  • DataType Attachment/Attachment Pool not supoorted -> Feature Request
  • There is currently no support for Polling/Listening Notifications like
    JDBC, JMS, MQ, … are providing. -> Feature Request

On the other side the form reports missing inputs for required fields
without defaults. But I am sure that I have entered them in the inputs for
the adapter service. -> Service Request is currently under investigation.
Update to this point:
As the fields have dots in their names, there seems to be an issue while converting them. Points in field names are used to build doctype structures, which are working during a Get, but not during a Create or Update.