wM PROD Servers shutdown automation

We are running wM 10.7 - (Integration Server, Universal Messaging, Terracotta, My webMethods Server) on Linux.

What are we trying to achieve?
We need to automate our PROD servers shutdown during maintenance or scheduled VM’s patching, currently we are doing this action calling the respective Ansible playbooks shceduled in Jenkins, however, there could be scenarios in which there are still some services running and ports enable picking up files for processing that may lead to an in fly transactions faiulres during the shutdown… is there any way to aviod this automatically? not disabling ports manually and waiting the running services to be completed before the shutdown?

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Wait Time - Depending on where/how you’re initiating the shutdown, note that there may be a wait-time (with a time limit) before the server actually starts shutting down, to allow for in-flight services to complete.

Quiesce - Read about the Quiesce feature, thoroughly (link). For wM application maintenance, a shutdown may not always be needed and this is where the Quiesce mode comes in handy.

Administrator API - Once you understand the aforesaid feature, you can use the Administrator REST API, to automate this (link).

Operation - POST /admin/quiesce/port



Thanks, Kasi,

For wait time, do you know the property name or configuration? We may review it and adjust it for current running services.

In our case, most of VM patching requires wM applications restarts, do you know how can we handled the ports disablement and enablement automatically once the shutdown/start up call is done?

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Your answers are the Administrator API and Quiesce mode; give those links above a read.

For the REST API request/response specification, see this link (link).

This is the startup/shutdown REST Operation -

One of the optional inputs to that operation is the wait time (applies when “force” input is NOT set to “true”) -


@Carlos_Guevara_Villanueva, did you come right with this?


Thanks Kasi, We will try it…

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