wm posting a file to windows file server


I am new to WM and would like to know from gurus if there is a way to store a file thru webmethods on a windows LAN drive? I must clarify that the WM is running on unix (solaris).

Any help is really appreciated.

thanks in advance

If you have a network drive mapping from your Unix server to the LAN drive, you can build a service using concepts from the PSUtilities file IO examples.

If not, you will need to send the file to some application that will write it to the LAN drive. That application could receive the file via FTP, XML post, etc.



Thanks for the quick response! The webmethods is running on a unix server and we have to dump the file on a windows LAN server. I guess you are suggesting that we somehow map the windows drive on to unix? Is there any other way besides using samba to expose the LAN drive to unix?