Hi all,

We are migrating from 6.0.1 to 6.1.

I was experimenting with the 6.1 Monitor when I noticed that it does not seems to work OK.

Environments on which I tested it:
Solaris Sun
Windows XP

The problem occurs as follows.

When you try to resubmit a service that went into error and that service was not the parent (it has a Parent Context ID) then it throws the error:

com.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceException: com.wm.util.BasisRuntimeException: [BAA.0000.0037] Invalid name value, is null or empty.

In fact the resubmit is done but the insert of a record in the WMCONTROL table is not done. So no way to see if the resubmit was done.

This behavior occurs in cases like this:

  • A trigger calls a service that fails. (everytime you subscribe to a document to call a service) In this case the trigger execution is the parent.
  • You try to resubmit a service that was the execution of another resubmit that went into error again.

Does anybody notices the same behavior? Or is there a solution for this?

With kind regards,


Hi Bart,

I found a Fix on the advantage site of webMethods that seems to solve your problem

When tryoing to isntall EDI fix “WmEDIforTN_6-1_Fix9.zip” I get the following error:
" Invalid Package Name"

ileana andersson

ileana - check the readme that came with the fix. It looks to me like you are trying to install it like a regular package, which it isn’t. The readme will contain the proper installation directions.

The underscore (_) is not permitted in IS package names, btw.



Please read the “readme.txt” file that comes along with that fix before doing any installation procedure.Since this step helps a lot and we can avoid clashes in the current development.


Check to see if the zip contains the manifest.v3 file or not? also, see the readme.txt for the fix.

BTW, underscore("_") is valid in package names. ‘-’ is invalid.


Hi Theo and all,
I did read it! It says to place the fix in …\Replicate\inbound, and Install the usual way.

I will try to change the name, maybe that will help.



Before installing this fix make sure that WmEDIforTN package is in enabled state?