wM Java Error - The source was saved, but was not compiled due to the following errors:

Hi Team,

I am getting the below error, in the existing Java code I have added a few lines of new code and tried to save the java code (source), and after some time got the below error, could you please let me know how to fix the issue.

The source was saved, but was not compiled due to the following errors:

C:\SoftwareAG\IntegrationServer\instances\default\packages\TESTPackage\code\source\TESTPackage\svc\utils\search.java:1: error: package TESTPackage.svc.utils clashes with class of same name

package TESTPackage.svc.utils;


1 error

Hi @Yogesh_Maheshwari ,
This issue can occur when you have a service with the same name as the folder at the same level. (For example in the structure below)- search is name of a folder as well as a java service, and if you try to edit j1 and save, you can run into the error you mentioned.

           search (folder)
                   j1(java service)
           search(java service)

Expand the package TestPackage and check if you have a similar structure.

It is better to have unique names/unique fully qualified paths for services.


@Nagendra_Prasad - But one more observation -

Due to the above issue, I am getting errors in other java services as well and a couple of APIs are failing.

Error - [ISS.0026.9102] Service ‚ÄėTestPackage.svc.utils.search:getOrderByQuery‚Äô is not operational. To run this service, first recompile the Java source.

Could you please let me know how I can recompile the Java source again and fix this issue?

@Nagendra_Prasad @Holger_von_Thomsen - Please suggest if any command or steps to recompile all java services in DEV env?
OS: Windows

Hi @Yogesh_Maheshwari ,
You can use jcode utility to compile the packages. For details you can refer to Service Development Guide https://documentation.softwareag.com/webmethods/designer/sdf10-7/10-7_Service_Development_Help.pdf

usage: select one of the following formats
jcode frag // create node fragments from source
jcode comp // composite node fragments into source
jcode make // compile package’s nodes (new style)
jcode makeold // compile package’s nodes (old style)
jcode makeall // compile package’s nodes (new & old)
jcode fragall // frag all nodes in specified package
jcode update // compile and frag any changed nodes
jcode upall // same as update for all packages
jcode all // frag & compile all packages (new & old)

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Thanks @Jaideep for sharing the information.

@Jaideep - If possible, Could you please let me know the jcode utility step-by-step process to recompile the specific java service/ all java service in the windows platform?

Hi @Yogesh_Maheshwari ,
jcode is a utility that is present in the <install_dir>/IntegrationServer/instances/<instance_name>/bin/jcode.bat as mentioned by Jaideep.
To compile a specific package you can run jcode make from the command line or run jcode makeall to run all the packages in that IS instance. Hope this clarifies.
Additional commands are in the above post/ Service Development guide.


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