Wm.io B2B - manually update/set sender and receiver in an B2B document

Hi all,

We are currently in the process of migrating from onprem TN to wm.io B2B.

And are facing the following issue:
How is it possible to explicitly define or update the Business Partners (Sender, Receiver) for a B2B document?
We found that the submit method has quite some params , even the document type, but not sender and receiver.

We have quite some cases where we do not have this information in the content so it cannot bei extracted from content. (onPrem Setup)
We just update the Business Partners based on custom Services and Resubmit the Document → different rule triggers.
Without such possibility a lot of our cases cannot be migrated to wm.io B2B any time soon.

many thanks for your help


Thanks Migel :slight_smile:

Actually this works fine in the onPrem Version of TN and the Integration Server.
But our question currently is how can this be done with wm.io B2B and wm.io Integration Cloud?

Does anybody already have experience here?

kind regards


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