WM console problem

SQL sever down at the time webMethods console was not open so this time any possible to open webMethods console. Please tell me.


By webMethods console I am assuming you are talking about TN console. You can always open the TN console with or without your SQL server availablity. But after opening it when you try to connect to any Trading Network instance, make sure the database used by the Trading Network is available otherwise TN console won’t connect to that particular TN instance.

Hi Khan,
I have Problem not open WM Admin console when SQL Down.
Please advise to me


i am not sure if i got your point or not
But if you are talking about the IS Admin page the http://localhost:5555 then i think there is no dependency of its displaying with any database being up/down.
if you are talking about the http://localhost:5555 ( the Integration server admin console) please make sure that the IS is started
and if this doesnt work out please try giving URL as [url]http://localhost:5555/WmRoot[/url]

Hope this helps