wm.art.ns:queryAdapterServiceData not usable

hello team,

Please let me know how could i get wm.art.ns:queryAdapterServiceData this service in my code.
beause while it is giving list access error.

provide me any other service which could return service meta data,

My req here is to create the service which can provide me table name and procedure name used in any adapter service.

Hi Atul,

please have a look at the IntegrationServer Built-In-Services reference, chapter 1 (ART Folder).

Here you will find a list with all services AdapterRuntime exposes for public use.

Any services starting with “wm.*” are only meant for internal use and are not documented publicly.


If you do not have the appropriate List ACL privileges you can see them in the package navigation, however you can invoke the service by creating a empty flow service, go to palette and drag and drop Invoke and past the service NS “wm.art.ns:queryAdapterServiceData”